Hornets Making their Mark

It’s been an extraordinary few months for Hills Hornets on the representative scene.  If you happened to be walking around Coffs Harbour during the National Touch League, or at Penrith during the Junior Regionals, it seemed everywhere you looked there was yet another Hornet representing their region as either a player, coach or manager.

Hills Hornets congratulates the following players for their higher representative honours.

NTL’s 2018

Brad Devron Wereat Scoprions Men-s T-League
Brad Mitchell Scorpions Mens 40’s (NTL Champions)
David Mills Scorpions Mens 55’s (NTL Champions)
Dominique Goldie Scorpions Senior Mixed
Flynn Angles-Cork Scoprions Men-s T-League
Glen Turner Scorpions Senior Mixed
Jess O’Brien Scorpions Womens 27’s:
Jo Lawson Scorpions Womens 27’s:
John Louis Scoprions Men-s T-League
Karen Short Scorpions Womens 27’s:
Kat McIlwraith (Scorpion Medal Winner) Scorpions Womens 45’s (Grand Finalists)
Keeley Bowen Scoprions Men-s T-League
Kelly Davis Scorpions Womens 27’s:
Kylie Nicholas Scorpions Womens 45’s (Grand Finalists)
Luke Ellia Djlukan Scorpions Senior Mixed
Mel Mitchell Scorpions Womens T-League
Michelle Smidt Scorpions Womens 45’s (Grand Finalists)
Monique Nolan Scorpions Womens 27’s:
Norelle Parker Scorpions Womens 27’s:
Paris Mooney Scorpions Womens T-League
Ray Wehbe Scoprions Men-s T-League
Regan Walsh Scoprions Men-s T-League
Sabrina Green Scorpions Womens T-League
Sam Watkins Scoprions Men-s T-League
Simon Kowald Scorpions Senior Mixed
Simone Rodgers (Scorpion Medal Winner) Scorpions Womens T-League



Brad Curl – Head Coach.  Scorpion Men’s T-League

Matt Lawson – Assistant Coach.  Scorpion Men’s T-League

Craig Beacroft – Assistant Coach.  Scorpion Women’s T-League

Charlie Hassarati – Head Coach. Scorpion Women’s 27’s

Dave Nolan – Head Coach. Mets Elite 8.

Phil McIlwraith – Assistant Coach. Mets Elite 8.



Keith Lee – Scorpion Men’s T-League

Julianne Bowen – Scorpion Men’s T-League


NSW Junior Regionals

Scorpions U18 Boys

Adrian Sciglitano

Alex Nolan

Ben Tait

Boehn Russell

Cody Morgan

Ethan Klein

Jack Griffiths


Scorpions U16 Boys

Harry Fryer

Kyle Bowen

Nick Charlwood

Liam Haskins


Scorpions U16 Girls

Paris Mooney



Matt Lawson – Scorpions U14 Boys Assistant Coach

Brad Curl – Scorpions U18 Boys Head Coach

Phil McIlwraith – Scorpions U18 Boys Assistant Coach

Brad Mitchell – Scorpions U18 Boys Assistant Coach

Mel Mitchell – Scorpions U18 Girls Head Coach

Tim Sleigh – Scorpions U18 Girls Assistant Coach



Monique Nolan – Scorpions U18 Boys