Hills Hornets Touch is very pleased to announce the following Squads for Vawdon Cup Cup 2018.  

The trails saw a fantastic turn out, that will help ensure another competitive year for the club.

A team of 14 will be selected to play each week.  Players not part of the 14 for their squad may get the opportunity to play in other teams.

The coach of each squad will be in touch regarding training dates and times.

Requests for Feedback on Selection

All requests for feedback regarding selections must be made in writing to:  info@hillshornetstouch.com

A formal response will be provided via the Hills Hornets Touch Coaching Director following review of trial notes and discussion with the relevant selectors.

Women’s Division 1 Squad

Bella Duncan
Clare Eisenhuth
Caitlin Glanville
Courtney Duguid
Ella Fountaine
Emma Meyers
Jade Pond
Jordon Parsonage
Kattlen Quiza
Kayla Faulkner
Kelsy Bridgwood
Larissa Canning
Maddi Brown
Melissa Mitchell
Norelle Parker
Paris Mooney
Sarah Thornton
Simone Rodgers
Sophie Martin
Tayla Merrick

Coach – Craig Beacroft
Assistant – Katrina McIlwraith

Contact: info@hillshornetstouch.com (Coach contacts to be supplied to teams) 

Women’s Division 3 Squad

Abby Wakefield
Alani Pond
Ariane Costello
Bianca Santi
Cindy Dawson
Christine Matta
Dominique Goldie
Eleanor Fairhurst
Elissa Mullen
Jessica Larder
Jo Lawson
Karen Clark
Kira Moujalli
Marcie McGowan
Matilda Bloomfield
Michelle Smidt
Ruby Caruana
Sandra Qi
Tiajana Gow

Coach – Tim Sleigh
Contact: info@hillshornetstouch.com (Coach contacts to be supplied to teams)

Men’s Division 1 Squad

Anthony Mercieca
Blake Vanderwoude
Bohen Russell
Brad Daveron
Brad  Mitchell
Cody  Huriwai-Morgan
Dallas Patterson
Daniel Hunt
Ethan Klein
Flynn  Angles-Corke
Jake  Schaudin
Keeley  Bowen
Kyle  Bowen
Raymond  Wehbe
Robert  Jasser
Travis  Osborne
Tyreese  Figota

Coach – Bard Curl
Assistant – Matt Lawson

Contact: info@hillshornetstouch.com (Coach contacts to be supplied to teams) 

Men’s Division 2 Team

Aaron Jack
Adrian Sciglitano
Alec Arnold
Ammre Khodeir
Benjamin He
Benjamin Tait
Charbel Jasser
Darcy Nettleton
Jacob Bamford
Jacob Kinney
Joshua Scott
Karl Jammal
Keith Lee
Lachy Henrisson
Matt Pescod
Matt Schaudin
Michael Jasser
Rohan Scanes
Scott Rothely
Simon Kowald
Trevor Yiu
William Li

Boys Youth Squad

Alexander Nolan
Angus Edwards
Cooper Angles-Corke
Dane Papenhuyzen
Dane Harris
Ethan Sanders
Harry Fryer
James Leys
Jayden Campion
Keahlan Bray
Liam Haskins
Luke Harris
Matthew Curl
Nicholas Charlwood
PJ Rangi Huriwai-Morgan
Sam Harb

Coach – Phil McIlwraith
Assistant – Norelle Parker

Contact: info@hillshornetstouch.com (Coach contacts to be supplied to teams)