Being  a minimal contact sport, Touch Football is a relatively safe sport. However, like all sports, accidents and injuries can occur

One of the benefits of playing in a competition that is affiliated under Touch Football Australia (TFA), is that TFA has undertaken a National Insurance Scheme that provides coverage for all registered participants.

If you have injured yourself playing in the Hills Hornets Local park competition, the club has a process with the following steps.


1. Injury or Accident Occurs

When an injury does occur basic first aid will be provided.  Hills Hornets Officials have access to a first aid kit and ice.
If the injury is of a more serious nature, an Ambulance can be organised.


2. Record the Injury in the Hills Hornets Injury Register

We will collect certain details about the injury in the Hills Hornets Injury Register.  Details recorded will include name, contact details, the time and date of the injury, as well as some basic information about the injury and how it occurred.

3. Injury report form and Insurance

If possible, we will get you to complete the injury report form at the time of the injury. The form has a section which will need to be filled in by an Hills Hornets Official. Should this not be possible, please ensure this is completed as soon as possible.

You will need to submit your insurance claim within 120 days of the injury.

Insurance information can be found through TFA’s insurance providers website:


4. Follow up

One of our officials will contact you in the days following the incident to see how you are, and to ensure you have all the information you need if you do wish to submit your claim.