COVIDsafe Requirements – Update 23 August 2020

This week, Dr Kerry Chant, the Chief Health Officer NSW Ministry of Health issued further public health measures to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission related to participation in community sports.

These include:

Persons who have attended any of the reported case locations listed in NSW Health website, are excluded from participating in touch football activities (including spectators and officials).

If you live in or have visited areas and suburbs identified for “increased testing” and you have even mild COVID-19 symptoms such as a runny nose or sore throat, DO NOT ATTEND and please get tested.

Hills Hornets Touch Football Association continues to enforce the following restrictions:

  • Do not attend training, team trials or competition games if you are feeling unwell, even with very mild symptoms
  • Players must arrive ‘game ready’ and avoid any loitering around the field or car parks pre & post-game / training
  • Maximum ONE spectator (parent or carer) per participating player < 18yrs. Non-playing siblings are to stay home. No spectators for players >18yrs.
  • All spectators must physically distance 1.5m
  • No sharing drink bottles or food


During competition, unregistered players will be asked to leave the venue.

Hills Hornets Touch and their members have a responsibility to ensure each other are safe. You have a responsibility to manage yourself, your teammates, and your associated spectators. Please exercise this responsibility.

Further restrictions may be applied in the coming weeks to ensure we remain COVID safe. Please keep an eye on team group pages and Hills Facebook Page for any updates.

If you are tested for COVID-19, immediately notify:
Hills Hornets Touch via email at, and
Touch Football Australia by emailing

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