In a major development at Hills Hornets Touch Football, the division 1 Women’s team has been promoted into Women’s Premier League for the 2018 Vawdon Cup.

This is the first time in the clubs 30 year history that a Hornets team (men’s or women’s) will be competing in a Premier League division.

The promotion has come a little earlier than expected for the Hills Hornet’s Number 1 Women’s team, but it is recognition of their growth and success under the expertise of Head Coach Craig Beacroft.

The women who make up this team are under no illusions of what the season has instore for them.  They will be playing in the pinnacle touch football division for women in NSW.  They will be playing against teams that will be littered with Australian, NSW and Elite 8 representatives.

When questioned about the upgrade to premier league, Coach Beacroft was philosophical.  “To be honest, we had a plan that started some years ago that saw us building towards Premier League in 2019 or 2020.  I guess the best laid plans can get kyboshed”

So what was the reaction of the team to being promoted?

“When we got the news, the reaction from the team ranged from excitement to some anxiety.” Beacroft explained.  “But, they are an amazing group of young women – they have just got on with training and preparing for a season of the hardest touch football they will have ever played”

So what is expected in terms of results this year?

“It will be tough, really tough.  We have lost players who helped us win Vawdon Cup and State Cup in Division 1 last year, and we are bringing in players who are 15 and 16 years old.”

“As a coach I will not be using the scoreboard to measure our success this season.  I will measure by how the team applies themselves, how they stay tight as a unit through the tough times, and how each individual improves their own game”

“As I explained to the team, this is just the first year of a multiyear journey. I think they understand this and if their attitude to training is anything to go by, they are relishing the challenge.”

There are a number of Hills Hornets who have hoped for many years that this day would eventually arrive. President Brad Mitchell explains.

“When we relaunched as Hills Hornets 10 years ago, we were a club with a park comp of 7 teams and 1 rep team.  If you told me then that we would have a park comp of over 200 teams, 17 junior and senior representative teams, including a premier league team, I would have recommended a visit to a psychologist.”

“It is a great achievement for our club that every Hornets member can share, and wonderful recognition for this team of women who swept all before them last year.”

“The club is immensely proud of this team. Don’t be surprised if you see a tear or 2 from some of the old Hornets stalwarts as these women run out onto the field for the first game.”

The Hills Hornets Women’s Premier League Team play their inaugural game of Premier League on Friday 27th of July 7PM at Doyle Ground, North Parramatta.

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