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Congratulations to @louwehrle and @jess_mcilwraith on being selected for the Her Way Referee program. We look forward to implementing some ideas presented to improve our current programs. ...

#SwarmBenefits – @hillsdistrictpodiatry

Hills District Podiatry has joined as a partner of the Hornets Swarm.

As a benefit to all Spring Competition participants, Sports Podiatrist Andrew Loveridge from Hills District Podiatry will be making himself available at the playing fields to provide free advice on all aspects of foot health.

Regardless of what the sport is, athletes need their feet to run, jump, accelerate and change direction. Any deficiencies in an athlete’s feet will reduce their effectiveness on the playing field.

The foot is complex structure; it has 33 joints, 26 bones, 19 muscles and 107 ligaments. So many things can go wrong, yet it is so often overlooked.

That’s where Sports Podiatry steps in.

Details of times and nights when Andrew will be available will follow soon.

In the meantime, you can check out the following page to see how Sports Podiatry can help you perform at your best.

#SwarmBenefits – MaxFit Strength and Conditioning.

@maxfit_thehills has partnered with Hills Hornets for the upcoming Spring Season with a special deal for Hornets Swarm members

Maxfit provide specialised Strength and Conditioning classes for Children aged 9-15 years in a fun and supportive environment.

Maxfit classes will improve strength, speed, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, fitness and endurance levels. Not only will your child’s overall sporting performance improve, Maxfit’s specialist coaches will focus on correcting biomechanics to reduce the likelihood of injury on the sporting field.

Players registered in the Hills Hornets Spring Park competition are eligible for the following special offer through MaxFit.

5 strength and conditioning sessions for $100.

You can check out Maxfit Services here:

Remember to mention that you are part of the Hornets Swarm.

Introducing #SwarmBenefits.
Local businesses are partnering with Hills Hornets to provide exclusive offers to Members of the Hornets Swarm.

Keep an eye out for #SwarmBenefits posts, and follow the link to the Swarm Benefits page for introductory offers.

Spring Comp kicks off Monday.
A couple of late team entries means the draw needs to be reworked.
The final version of the draw will be available tonight.
Thank you for your patience.