Hills Hornets Touch are pleased to announced their coaching teams for the 2017 NSWTA Junior State Cup campaign.  The club is extremely pleased to see the strength in our coaching ranks and we are looking forward to building on the success of past seasons.

Our Junior State Cup trials will be held earlier this season, taking place in September and in-line with the commencement of our 2016 local Hills Summer competition. Further information on these dates and our 2016 V-Squad junior development sessions will be provided in coming weeks.

Hills Hornets 2017 Junior State Cup Coaching Teams:

Girls 10’s:       Karen Short, Yass Sidaros, Rachel Jack

Girls 12’s:      Tim Sleigh, Dom Goldie, Jo Lawson

Girls 14’s:      Katrina McIlwraith, Abbey Papenhuyzen, Kaitlin McCaffery

Girls 16’s:      Anthony Dudeck, Mel Mitchell, Kylie Nicholas

Girls 18’s:      Paul Hourigan, Anthony Dudeck, Mel Mitchell

Boys 10’s:      Phil McIlwraith, Mick Sproule

Boys 12’s:      John Moujalli, Luke Elia

Boys 14’s:      Brad Curl, Joel Pienmunne

Boys 16’s:      Matt Lawson, Craig Eggington, Brad Mitchell

Boys 18’s:      Anthony Jack, Brad Curl, Mark Harrington

Further enquiries via our Junior Representative Directors:

Anthony Dudeck – Girls  –  adudeck@hillshornetstouch.com
Brad Curl – Boys                –  bcurl@hillshornetstouch.com