The NSWTA conducts regular referee courses throughout the year for individuals, affiliates, schools, universities or other organisations who would like to attend and gain accreditation. Courses can be formatted to suit the needs of an organistation. All courses have conditions and requirements for them to proceed.

The NSWTA have identified a number of dates and locations to conduct referee courses throughout the year, and schedules and advertsises courses in both metropolitan and regional NSW areas.

With the new requirements for all representative referees at NSWTA tournaments, some courses will conducted at specific times throughout the year, whilst other courses will be added once requested and confirmed on a needs basis.

For futher information, to enroll in a course, or if your organisation wishes to discuss conducting a coaching course, please contact the Technical Assistant during office hours on 02 9558 9333 or email
All interested participants are urged to nominate their interest or register, and purchase the course material early to start working on the course workbook, ready for a course.

Can’t find the right date or course…

If you are interested in attending a referees course, please contact the NSWTA Office and register such interest and the NSWTA will notify you of coming dates.

Please Note that a minimum of ten to twelve people are required for a course to proceed. Courses may need to be cancelled or rescheduled due to insufficient numbers.