TFA has a six-tier accreditation system. Becoming an accredited referee is an important step in ensuring you are equipped with the knowledge of the rules of the game and skills to manage and create a safe and enjoyable environment for all. It is also a great way for you to create goals to work towards while you stay fit to participate in the game.

Level 1 RefereesLevel 2 RefereesLevel 3 RefereesLevel 4 RefereesLevel 5 RefereesLevel 6 Referees
Daniel DenisonKamil OszutDavid ThomasFiona SaundersDave Borg
Darcy NettletonCindy DawsonTodd HullVictor Naumouski
Pat DonleyKelly DavisSimon KowaldMark Montgomery
Maddy FergusonAdam Mrazek (T)Greg Stevens
Kyle BrownEdmond Matta (T)Brad Mitchell
Nick BrownCaiti Rodgers (T)Micah Rodgers
Dave BrownEd Matta (T)Jason Young
Mick SprouleGeorgia Garnett (T)Stephen Naumouski
Jacob MillingtonMatt Lawson (T)Anthony Jack (T)
Said HadatParis Mooney (T)Craig Egginton (T)
Nick LouisBella Duncan (T)
Ken DonleyTim Sleigh (T)
Matt JonesSam Ferguson (T)
Matt Heape
Marc Toft
Nathan Stevens
Kirsten Mrazek
Alannah McCaffery
Bronte Fletcher
Jordan Brown
Alex Donley
Ahn Pham
Robert Hawke
Aaron Jack
Cooper Price
Bailey Chalcraft
Kyah West
Jake Forbes
Jamie Wood
Sophie Hill
Josh Curl
Taylor Trayhurn
Grace Fairhurst
Eleanor Fairhurst
Scott Kenney
Lachlan Warner
Emma Meyers
Ella Fountaine
Matt Curl

Referee Course Requirements

Certification LevelCourse DurationMinimum AgePrerequisite
[Level 1]
4 Hrs12 yrs
[Level 2]
4.5 Hrs13 yrsmin 6 mths Level 1
[Level 3]
4.5 Hrs13 yrsmin 12 mths level 2
[Level 4]
N/A14 yrsmin 12 mths level 3
[Level 5]
N/A15 yrsmin 12 mths level 4
[Level 6]
N/A16 yrsmin 12 mths level 5