The NSW Touch Awards night unfolded in spectacular fashion as Hills Hornets emerged as the undeniable star of the evening. Their remarkable achievements and contributions to the sport were recognized with a slew of prestigious accolades. Among the awards bestowed upon Hills Hornets were the titles of NSW Touch Affiliate of the Year, Sydney Scorpions Affiliate of the Year and  Social Media Affiliate of the Year.  Katrina McIlwraith was awarded the Sydney Scorpions and NSW Touch Administrator of the Year, and also walked away with the highly esteemed Rod Wise Volunteer of the Year.

Affiliate of the Year (NSW and Sydney Scorpions)
Hills Hornets secured the coveted title of NSW Touch Affiliate of the Year, underscoring their unwavering commitment to the growth and development of touch football. This prestigious accolade acknowledges the club’s outstanding organizational structure, dedication to player welfare, and provision of quality touch football programs. Hills Hornets’ efforts in fostering a strong sense of community and inclusivity have not only attracted new participants but have also nurtured a thriving touch football culture within their region.

The NSW Touch Affiliate of the year followed the honour of being awarded the Sydney Scorpions Affiliate of the year, recognising the club’s contributions within the Sydney Scorpions region.

Keith Lee, Hills Hornets Vice President, with the Affiliate of the Year Awards.

Katrina McIlwraith – The Rod Wise Volunteer of the Year:
For any club, the Affiliate of the year award is a major accolade. But the most prestigious award is saved for an individual.  This year it was was Katrina McIlwraith who was recognised for her selfless dedication when she was named the Rod Wise Volunteer of the Year. This esteemed recognition is the highest honour bestowed by NSW Touch and highlights McIlwraith’s exceptional volunteerism, commitment, and passion for touch football. Her invaluable contributions, countless hours of service, and unwavering commitment to the sport have left an indelible mark on the Hills Hornets touch football community.

McIlwraith’s unwavering dedication, organizational skills, and ability to efficiently manage the club’s operations also saw her recognised as Administrator of the year for the Sydney Scorpions Region and NSW.  Her tireless efforts in ensuring the smooth running of the club’s touch football programs, competitions, and participation in events have significantly contributed to the growth and reputation of Hills Hornets.

Katrina Mcilwraith was awarded the Rod Wise Volunteer of the year and Administrator of the Year.

Social Media Affiliate of the Year:
Hills Hornets’ strong presence on social media platforms garnered them the recognition of being named the Social Media Affiliate of the Year. The club’s adept utilization of social media channels to promote touch football, share engaging content, and connect with the touch football community has propelled them to the forefront of online engagement. Hills Hornets’ innovative social media strategies have not only enhanced their brand but have also contributed to the overall visibility and popularity of touch football in the digital realm.

Phil McIlwraith with the Social Media of the Year Award