Hills Hornets Touch once again featured in the awards at the annual NSW Touch Blues night last Saturday evening.

Hills Hornets President, Brad Mitchell, won the “Administrator of the year” award for the Sydney Region for the 3rd year running. Mitchell then went on to be win “Administrator of the year” for all of NSW – again for the third year in row.


Mitchell was typically gracious in receiving the award and paid tribute to all the volunteers at Hills Hornets Touch who have all contributed to its outstanding success over a relatively short period of time.  Two of those volunteers, Katrina and Phil McIlwraith, also received awards that recognised their contributions as Touch Football volunteers.

During the evening, Touch Football Australia CEO, Colm Maguire mentioned Hills Hornets Touch specifically for it’s remarkable growth since Mitchell took over as President – growing from a competition with only 7 registered teams, to now over 140.

But if you think the growth of Hills Hornets Touch Football is going to stop there, think again. “We have been growing at about 30% a year, and we plan to keep on growing at that rate” Mitchell said.

“Our only constraint is playing facilities. Where other affiliates can have up to 14 or 15 fields operating at the same time, we are limited to 3 fields.  This season we had kids who wanted to play touch at the Hills who had to be turned away because we literally couldn’t fit them in.

Hills Council have been great supporters of our club, and we will continue to work with them on solutions here.”