Hills Hornets Touch is very pleased to announce the Women’s Premier League, Women’s Division 1, Women’s Division 2 and Girls Youth Squads for  Vawdon Cup 2019.

The trials saw a fantastic turn out that will help ensure another competitive year for the club.

A team of 14 will be selected to play each week.  For any given week, a player not selected in the team 14 in their selected squad will be expected to play for the team in the next division down (or the youth team for those who qualify).

The coach of each squad will be in touch regarding training dates and times.

Requests for Feedback on Selection

All requests for feedback regarding selections must be made in writing to:  info@hillshornetstouch.com

A formal response will be provided via the Hills Hornets Touch Coaching Director following review of trial notes and discussion with the relevant selectors.

Anabelle Regan
Bella Duncan
Clare Belfanti
Danielle Robb
Eleanor Fairhurst*
Emma Meyers
Grace McCahon
Hayley Bird
Jade Pond
Jayde Costello*
Jordan Parsonage
Larissa Canning
Lauren McDonald
Lizzie Tavita
Madison Reagan
Mel Mitchell
Molly Bird
Paris Mooney
Simone Rodgers
Sophie Williams
Tamaryn McGregor
Tyler Pelligra

Head Coach: Craig Beacroft
Assistant Coach: Katrina McIlwraith
Assistant Coach: Melissa Mitchell

* Junior Development Players who have been selected in the Division 1 team but invited will train with Premier League Squad.

Abby Wakefield
Alani Pond
Ashleigh Meyers
Caitlin Glanville
Charlotte Henry
Eleanor Fairhurst
Ella Fountaine
Ellah Johnston
Emma Duff
Jayde Costello
Jessica Bell
Matilda Bloomfield
Phoebe Hunt
Ruby Caruana

Head Coach: Monique Nolan
Assistant Coach: Dom Goldie
Assistant Coach: Jo Lawson

Ariane Costello
Bianca Santi
Cindy Dawson
Cherie West
Christine Matta
Jacelyn Maher
Jo Lawson
Karen Clark
Kira Moujali
Kylie Nicholas
Lauren Paa
Lisa Walker
Melissa Hodge
Nicole Tanner
Tiajana Gow
Head Coach: Dom Goldie
Assistant Coach: Karen Clark
Assistant Coach Jo Lawson

Alana Hinde
Ava Foxe
Brooke Oakley
Catherine Gonzalez
Chloe Baker
Grace Fairhurst
Jasmine Dooley
Jayde Oakley
Jazzy Hollis
Kiera Gow
Lauren McCurley
Megan Wong
Mia Jamer
Mikaela Bowen
Olivia Hill
Olivia Morales
Phoebe Taylor
Riley Lynch
Sally Hine
Sophie Hill
Tallara Bamblett

Head Coach: Jo Lawson
Assistant Coach: Tim Sleigh