Player Pool

The following table contains details of individual players looking for a team.  Please contact if you are a team coordinator wanting to pick up a player from the pool.

Contact NameDetailsDivisionNotes
Cooper Haskins2017 S2U9 Boys
Alex Monceda2017 S2U7 Boys
Riley Foster2017 S2U11 Boys
Jed McDonald Singh2017 S2U11 Girls
Jonah Pham2017 S2U13 Boys
Jed McDonald-Singh2017 S2U13 Boys
George Ogden2017 S2U13 Boys
Jasmine Dooley2017 S2U13 Girls
Christian Shadwick2017 S2U15 Boys
Madison James2017 S2U15 Girls
Sofia Georgescu2017 S2U15 Girls
Michael Odewahn2017 S2U17 Boys
Liam Spinks2017 S2U17 Boys
Romal Sellapperuma2017 S2U17 Boys
Issabella Saad2017 S2U17 Girls
Kalahni Hasselbach2017 S2U17 Girls
Nick Chauh2017 S2Mens
Chris Cargill2017 S2Mens
Sean Williamson2017 S2Mixed
Jackie Warner2017 S2Womens
Catelyn Gill2017 S2Womens